Recorded Events

Recorded Event: Whistle talk continued from tape 17

Type: Speech Surrogate

Primary Speech Variety: Southern Arapesh/Abu’: Hwamisuk variety

Secondary Speech Varieties: Tok Pisin

Date: 1998-10-23 Location: Hwamisuk 2 Duration:

Description: Careful production of the normal form of an utterance previously demonstrated in the surrogate

Note: discussion with examples of inland Arapesh speech surrogate


  1. Lise Dobrin · Researcher, (F : 32) ~ American linguist, born Chicago 1966. Graduate student (linguistics, University of Chicago).
  2. Lusi Sandra Martin · Primary, (F : c. 20s) Hwamisuk ~
  3. Ira Bashkow · Researcher, (M : c 36) ~ husband of Lise Dobrin, anthropologist


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tape 19 (A)


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