Recorded Events

Recorded Event: Poison and Kawowar

Type: Explanation/Procedure

Primary Speech Variety: Mountain Arapesh: Wautogik variety

Secondary Speech Varieties: Tok Pisin

Date: 1999-03-07, 2007-02 Location: Wautogik and Charlottesville Duration: 5:39

Description: How to make traditional magic

Note: Andrew Moutu's reading of a transcribed dictated text

Note: notebook: r2.32-33


  1. Arnold Watiem · Primary, (M : 62) Wautogik ~ fluent Arapesh speaker, educated to grade 3
  2. Lise Dobrin · Researcher, (F : 32) ~ American linguist, born Chicago 1966. Graduate student (linguistics, University of Chicago).
  3. Andrew Moutu · Reader, (M : c 40) Wautogik ~ born in Rabaul, studied at UPNG, worked at the PNG National Museum, PhD in Anthropology from Cambridge. Speaks Arapesh well, but not fully fluent.


  1. Poisin and Kowowar