Recorded Events

Recorded Event: Farewell speeches

Type: Oratory

Primary Speech Variety: Tok Pisin

Secondary Speech Varieties: English

Date: 1999-03 Location: Wautogik Duration: 47:39

Description: Speeches made at investigator’s farewell feast

Note: participants list major speeches. Additional shorter speeches by others at end


  1. Lise Dobrin · Researcher, (F : 32) ~ American linguist, born Chicago 1966. Graduate student (linguistics, University of Chicago).
  2. Ira Bashkow · Researcher, (M : c 36) ~ husband of Lise Dobrin, anthropologist
  3. Jacob Sonin · Primary, (M : c 60) Wautogik ~ fluent Arapesh speaker, very good English
  4. Bernard Narokobi · Primary, (M : c 56) Wautogik ~ Fluent Arapesh speaker, very good English, powerful modern leader, law degree from U Sydney, opposition leader of Parliament at the time of recording


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